Fanime Online Riichi Shugi Tournament 2021

By Bichen Wang on Apr 5th 2021 12:00am

Since Fanime 2021 has been cancelled, PML is hosting an online version of our annual Fanime tournament on Saturday and Sunday May 29th-30th at noon Pacific Daylight Time (3 pm Eastern Daylight Time, May 29th 19:00 UTC, May 30th 4:00 JST, etc). This is a 9-hanchan tournament. First 5 hanchan is a scramble with random matching on Day 1. After day 1 finishes, there is a cut to 16 players. Day 2 starts with two games and then a cut to 4 players. After a short break, a finals table with the top 4 plays two games. We are using standard Tenhou ladder rules with red 5s and shugi, and whoever manages to get the most shugi is the winner. Points don't matter (besides to get more shugi through uma).
Registration is open until May 27th, 2021, and the tournament is free! Register now at:

Join the discord at for tournament coordination!

If you're looking to play only a few games, we are on the lookout for alternates. Join the discord and message Konata Akemi if you would like to play as an alternate.

This tournament will be on Tenhou, and rules are as follows:

5 + 2 + 2 Hanchan. Cut top 16 after 5 hanchan and cut top 4 after the next 2 hanchan. Ideally starting the next round 5-10 minutes after all the previous round's games finishes. 
5+10 discard timer
3 Red 5s
Start at 25000, return is 30000 (so could go into west)
Uma is +3 shugi / +1 shugi / -1 shugi / -3 shugi
Yes there is busting (if you go below 0, the game ends. You cannot riichi with 900 or fewer points)
Ties are broken by closest to first dealer
Rank ties are broken by the most 1sts followed by the most 2nds followed by the most 3rds.
Agari-yame ari (last dealer can choose to end the game on tenpai or a win)
All abortive draws on
Nagashi mangan ari
Kiriage mangan nashi (7700 and 11600 for 4 han 30 fu)
Kan dora revealed immediately only on closed kan
Kan dora ari
Ura dora ari
Kan ura dora ari
Ippatsu ari
Double/triple ron ari
Yakuman shugi is 5 from all on tsumo, 10 on a ron
Yes double yakuman
Yes multiple yakuman
Kazoe yakuman ari (though no extra shugi)
No local yaku

The key note about the tournament is that your points don't really matter. Only your shugi do.
What is Shugi?
If you win with a red 5, on ippatsu, or with an ura dora, you get a shugi. If you have multiple red 5 or multiple ura dora, you can get more than one shugi at a time! If you win off of a player, that player owes you that many shugi in addition to the points owed. If you self draw, everyone owes you that many shugi. For example, if you riichi ippatsu tsumo a hand with a red 5 and hit an ura (and have no other han), you get one shugi for ippatsu, one shugi for the red 5 five, and one shugi for the ura dora from all three other players for a total of nine shugi (in addition to the 2000/4000 of that hand). You can also get shugi for winning your game as you get 3 shugi from 4th as 1st and you get 1 shugi as 2nd from 3rd. Also, if you're lucky, you can get yakuman shugi. If you tsumo your yakuman, you get 5 shugi from each player. If you ron your yakuman, you get 10 shugi from that player. So instead of standard point uma, the uma is +3/+1/-1/-3 shugi as the only thing that matters in this tournament is shugi!

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