PML Riichi Mahjong Open 2022

The fifth annual PML Riichi Mahjong Open will be held on October 8th and 9th, 2022.  Join us in downtown Berkeley, California for an amazing tournament. [YMI sponsorship text here]

  • 10 hanchan
  • Up to 80 players
  • Automatic mahjong tables for 11 tables, 9 hand shuffle tables
  • Our amazing new venue in the heart of Berkeley
  • Live scores and personalized player stats for all games



Registration opens on Saturday, July 16th.

$109 - Individual Early Bird Registration

After the early bird special ends, prices will increase to the following on August 16th at 6PM Pacific:

$129 - Individual Registration

First come first served.  Payment confirms registration.  No seats will be held.  Cancellation permitted only in cases of emergencies.  Ticket transfers okay as long as PML is notified before the tournament starts.

Purchase Tickets

We are using a new ticketing system. If you have problems registering, please contact us.


  • Saikouisen Rules (10/30 uma, no red 5s)
  • 60 minute hanchan with 15 minute breaks (70 minutes hand shuffle)
  • When time is up, finish the hand, then end the game
  • Every player is paired with others in such a way as to minimize the number of repeat times playing the same people
  • Semi-finals consists of two games, and finals consists of two games. The semi-final cut will be 8 people and top 2 from each table advance to the finals.
  • Points are reset for the semi-finalists for Hanchan 7, and seating is based on placement for Hanchan 7 & 8:
    • Semi-Final Table 1: 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th
    • Semi-Final Table 2: 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th
  • Points are reset for the finalists before Hanchan 9
  • Points are not reset for non-finalists
  • Finalist games are on auto tables and 90 minutes instead of 60 minutes.
  • Players that did not make it into the semi-finals may play four additional hanchan


The tournament will be held at the Pacific Mahjong League at 2589 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704.  We have 11 automatic tables and plenty of room to play.

A wide variety of food and on street parking is available. Free street parking is available all day Saturday and Sunday one block west of Telegraph and the venue.

To keep everyone safe, for this tournament only, everyone entering MUST be vaccinated to participate. Your vaccination card will be checked at the door. Please join us for future events if this is not possible. We also ask that everyone playing adheres to the current mask policy at the time of the event. At the time of this post, masks are highly encouraged (7/16/22), and this policy will be updated as the local policy changes. If you sit at a table with a player who requests you wear a mask for that hanchan, we will have disposable masks available if you do not have your own.


The following players are confirmed and have a seat in the competition.

1 Jeff T
11 Shane Z
21 Michael M
2 Hawnlay S
12 Heather B
22 Takahiro S
3 Alex W
13 Dennis K
23 Cassandra M
4 Jeffrey O
14 Yuqi Y
24 Rachel H
5 Kinyan L15 Dustin F
25 Emily T
6 Max S16 Jonathan S
26 Isabella Y
7 Ye (Vincent) Z
17 Stanley D
27 Kenji B
8 Wen-Chien W
18 Dian C
28 Jai S
9 Luce C
19 Austin T
10 Yeou C
20 Vincent C



9:00 AM


10:00 AM

Hanchan 1

11:30 AM

Hanchan 2

12:45 PM


2:30 PM

Hanchan 3

4:00 PM

Hanchan 4

5:30 PM

Hanchan 5

7:00 PM

Free Play Starts

12:00 AM

Free Play Ends


10:00 AM

Hanchan 6

11:30 AM


1:00 PM

Hanchan 7 - Top 8 Cut

2:30 PM

Hanchan 8

4:00 PM

Hanchan 9 - Top 4 Cut

5:30 PM

Finals / Hanchan 10

7:00 PM


7:30 PM

Free Play

12:00 AM

Free Play Ends


10:00 AM

All-Day Free Play (+$19.96 + tax)


Hands will be recorded into the live scoring system as they are played.  One or more players at each table will be responsible for recording the hands using our mobile web app.  All players are encouraged to use the app to verify hands are scored properly.  There will be an opportunity to learn about the app during registration at 9 AM.

Players will have access to up-to-date information on placements, points, and game stats using the app.  During play mobile phones should not be used except for the purposes of scoring.


Five AMOS Rexx automatic mahjong tables and 6 additional automatic tables will be made available for play. Up to 9 hand shuffle tables will be added as necessary. All automatic tables will be configured to build walls of the proper length, and no tables will be configured to deal hands or flip the dora.  The Rexx tables will show points in the drawers automatically.  For players using other tables the scoring web app will show the exact same information.  For this reason, please verify your points recorded after every hand.  In the event of a point discrepancy, the points listed on the web app will be used. We are looking to increase the number of automatic tables for this tournament, and we aim to make this a full automatic tournament, but there's no guarantee past the first 11.


Due to the wide selection of food available nearby, food will not be provided as part of the tournament registration.  Water will be provided to all players.


Players are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner.  Please respect the concentration of other players during play.  Elbows, food, and drinks are not allowed on the tables.  Move your walls forward so that everyone can reach the tiles.  Do not slam or throw tiles on to the table.  Do not reveal tiles in the wall after the hand has ended. After your table finishes and the points are verified, please leave the playing area and go outside if you wish to chat.

Cheating, repeated tardiness, or creating issues that affect the well-being of the tournament, will warrant disqualification.

Side Events

Friday the day before the event will be a practice day for anyone who chooses to try out the Amos Rexx tables and/or finish registration for the website for scoring purposes. PML will be open in the evening around 5 pm till maybe 9 or 10 pm, depending on participation. Pricing is the usual $4.99/hour.

Sunday, after the awards ceremony, we will have shugi mahjong with the leftover prizes (plus some prizes reserved for this event). You start with 15 shugi and try to hit 30 shugi to cash in for a prize.  If you lose all your shugi, that's okay. You can get more shugi, but you still have to be +15 shugi overall to turn in for a prize. There is no additional cost for participation with a PML Open ticket. This is open to the public for the usual rate.

Monday will be a regular day to play in the CRMA league or shugi mahjong with prizes, or just casual funzies mahjong. Whatever people want to do. Pricing is the usual rate.

Shugi can be gained for any red 5 in a winning hand, ippatsu, and ura dora. Ron gets one per shugi from that player, tsumo is one per shugi from each player. Also, yakuman ron is 10 shugi from that unfortunate soul and yakuman tsumo is 5 each. Also, placement is +3/+1/-1/-3 shugi uma.

Additional Information

Attendees are advised that we will be taking pictures and recording video of this event, and player's first and last names will be released when sharing tournament placements. Table one will be streaming both days.

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