CRMA Finals

California Riichi Mahjong Alliance Finals 2022

Welcome to the CRMA Finals 2022 in Berkeley, CA where we will determine who is the best riichi player in 2022 from California on May 21st-22nd, 2022!

To keep everyone safe, for this tournament only, everyone entering MUST be vaccinated to participate. Your vaccination card will be checked at the door. Please join us for future events if this is not possible. We also ask that everyone playing adheres to the current mask policy at the time of the event. At the time of this post, everyone regardless of vaccination status is still highly recommended to wear a mask indoors and will be very strongly encouraged to do so (3/18/22), and this policy will be updated as the local policy changes.


All games will be scored via the M-League style format in the preliminaries. Games in all rounds except finals will be 60 minutes long. Finals will not be timed, but participants should try to keep to a similar game speed. After time is called, players will have one more hand. The next hand officially starts the instant ron/tsumo/ryukyoku/chombo is called.

The first 3 hanchan will be a scramble. People will be randomly assigned to a table for each hanchan. Based on placement, your semifinal seeding will happen. Tables will be formed by their placement in the scramble.

Table 1: 1-8-9-16

Table 2: 2-7-10-15

Table 3: 3-6-11-14

Table 4: 4-5-12-13

The quarterfinals will be 3 hanchans with the same people. The top two players from each table advance to the semifinals.

The points from the quarterfinals will determine seeding for the semifinal table:

Table 1: 1-4-5-8

Table 2: 2-3-6-7

The semifinals will be 3 hanchans with the same people. The top two players from each table advance to the finals.

The finals will be 3 hanchans.

Side event TBA


Saturday May 21st, 2022

9:00 AM


10:00 AM

Scramble 1

11:15 AM

Scramble 2

12:00 PM


1:15 PM

Scramble 3

2:30 PM

Quarterfinals 1

3:45 PM

Quarterfinals 2

5:00 PM

Quarterfinals 3

6:30 PM

Dinner + Free play

Sunday May 22nd, 2022

10:00 AM

Semifinals 1 | Side event 1

11:15 AM

Semifinals 2 | Side event 2

12:00 PM


1:15 PM

Semifinals 3 | Side event 3

2:45 PM

Finals 1

4:00 PM

Finals 2

5:15 PM

Finals 3

6:30 PM

Awards + Free play

12:00 AM

Free Play Ends

110:00 AM Stanley D Yuhang H Kenji B Bichen W
210:00 AM Simon Y Aaron L Xu L Junda C
310:00 AM Jiannan Y Charles G Nobuko M Zemin M
410:00 AM Masahiro Y Shengzhou Q Jeff T Hawnlay S
111:15 AM Simon Y Masahiro Y Stanley D Jiannan Y
211:15 AM Junda C Kenji B Hawnlay S Zemin M
311:15 AM Xu L Jeff T Yuhang H Nobuko M
411:15 AM Aaron L Shengzhou Q Bichen W Charles G
11:15 PM Jiannan Y Kenji B Jeff T Aaron L
21:15 PM Zemin M Stanley D Shengzhou Q Xu L
31:15 PM Bichen W Simon Y Hawnlay S Nobuko M
41:15 PM Junda C Charles G Yuhang H Masahiro Y

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