The Pacific Mahjong League (PML) is a Japanese Riichi mahjong league. We use modern riichi rules and have a published rulebook. We host events nearly every weekend in one or more US locations, and make appearances at conventions and tournaments around the world. Whether you are a seasoned player that wants play competitively, or a curious beginner that wants to learn how to play, we invite you to join the Pacific Mahjong League!

Members & Teachers

Our players are some of the best in the United States, with some competing at the international level in both small and large online and offline tournaments. We have played riichi in Japanese jansou (mahjong parlours) and regularly utilize automatic mahjong tables during our normal events.

Local Clubs 'Dojo'

PML is composed of closely knit local clubs (dojo 道場). It is at these locations we hon our skills and become better at riichi mahjong. Clubs are strictly non-gambling and play only kenkou mahjong. We value competitive riichi games but also value building relationships. We encourage players to be respectful, make friends, and play with all their strength.

PML also plays together frequently. We do this by organizing accessible league games, holding and attending tournaments together as an organization, and finding times when we can travel among clubs and play games together.

Have a mahjong club that wants to be part of PML? Contact us! We accept applications from anywhere!

Club Location Members
East Bay Riichi (EBR) Danville, CA 20
Berkeley Riichi Mahjong (BRM) Berkeley, CA 12
Sunnyvale Sunnyvale, CA 10

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Every year we attend multiple conventions to play, teach, and spread the word of riichi mahjong.

Convention Location Role
FanimeCon San Jose, CA Host, Teach, Play
Anime Expo (AX) Los Angeles, CA Panel
Anime Los Angeles Ontario, CA Host, Teach, Play
AOD San Mateo, CA Host, Teach, Play
TouhouCon Anaheim, CA Host, Teach, Play
SakuraCon Seattle, WA Teach, Play
PAX East Boston, MA Teach, Play
Anime Central Rosemont, IL Play

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