Pacific Mahjong League

The Pacific Mahjong League (PML) is a Japanese Riichi mahjong league. We use modern riichi rules and have a published rulebook. We host events every weekend in one or more US locations, and make appearances at conventions and tournaments around the world. Whether you are a seasoned player that wants play competitively, or a curious beginner that wants to learn how to play, we invite you to join the Pacific Mahjong League!

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Recent News and Updates

PML Grand Opening

By Kira Nebilak on Apr 8th 2019 8:10pm

The Pacific Mahjong League is opening a jansou in Berkeley! Come check it out! The grand opening is this upcoming weekend, April 12th-April 14th. On Saturday the 13th, we will have a mini tournament...

10-dan and LAPOM for League Play

By Kira Nebilak on Mar 21st 2017 12:00pm

Los Angeles Pride of Mahjong (LAPOM) made a special trip up on March 4th to return one of the AMOS REXX that was used for the LAPOM Championship just a coup...

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